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Customised Clothing & Accessories For Every Occasion

Kopyright is home to a vast array of products and printing techniques. Whatever you need, we've got you covered. From personalised T-shirts for a fun-run or stag party to custom tote bags or hats for you and your team.


Workwear, sportswear, schools or simply just for fun, creating your own bespoke apparel has never been more accessible. In order to achieve the best possible results in terms of printing quality, we select the most suitable printing technique according to the selected designs and products, time frames and budgets.



We are able to supply you with the highest quality custom embroidery using only the finest Madeira threads which will ensure that your garments will stand the test of time. We guarantee that our excellent custom embroidery service will be able to accurately replicate your logo on to whichever garment you choose, and it will last for years to come!

Custom Embroidery is an excellent technique as it’s ideal for all types of garments from uniforms, workwear, corporate clothing, schools, sportswear and any other types of clothing that you can
think of. We have a vast catalogue of brandable clothing for you to choose from and get your embroidered logo onto.


Embroidery is the customisation technique of choice if you are looking for a durable, stylish and professional finish. Our Embroidery options are competitively priced. We can offer a full range of thread colours to match your brand requirements, so get in touch now to discuss your needs.

Flex Vinyl Printing


Flex vinyl is a printing technique where the design is cad cut from a coloured flex vinyl and then pressure pressed onto the shirt with heat. The designs have a nice matt finish to them and contrast extremely well with the garment. It is made of a flexible and durable material.

A major advantage of flex vinyl printing is that there are no setup costs, allowing for one-offs or print runs at a very reasonable price. It is also very versatile and can be used on virtually all types of products including T-Shirts, polo shirts, work shirts, bags, caps, softshell, workwear and lots more. If you have any doubts then simply ask our staff and we’ll give you advice.

The most popular effects include glitter printing, glow in the dark printing, reflective printing and flock printing. The process of printing these special effect materials is exactly the same; a plotter is used to cut the design from the material before it is applied using an industrial heat press on to the garment itself.

Screen Printing
Silk Screen


Silk Screen is one of the most popular clothing printing techniques available in the garment branding industry. It’s a process which applies ink directly onto clothing and fabric using mesh silk screens then cured through a heat tunnel. It is most competitively priced for large volumes. 


In order to create the screen, artwork needs to be ideally supplied in vector format (.ai, .eps or vector PDF) as all colours in the artwork are separated and a different screen is created for each colour that is to be printed. This is why silk screen printing incurs set-up costs.

This technique offers a great option to use your exact brand colours and produce promotional merchandise, personalised workwear and school leavers hoodies. We can screen print onto T-Shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, polos, tote bags and many more products and we will be able to find a solution that meets your needs.


Direct-to Garment (DTG) is the process of printing fine-detailed images onto garments. DTG printing can be used on both light and dark coloured garments. It is perfect for one-offs or short runs of full- colour prints onto a wide range of clothing.

This process involves pre-treating the garment and placing it inside an extremely advanced inkjet printer. Your design is then sent from a computer to print directly onto the garment, allowing for high speed and great quality prints.

With this service we can produce excellent results for printed clothing within a few hours of receiving your completed order, making it the perfect printing technique for fashion, promotional, stag and hen do’s and sports team clothing.

Direct To Garment
DTG Printing
Laser Transfer


This is a full colour Laser Transfer process with no minimum order which is perfect for photos or logos onto white or pale coloured T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. This technique gives a smooth finish with good print results.

The design is put on transfer paper via laser printing machines, then cut out and heat pressed on the garments. There are no set up charges or extra costs for printing multi-colour images but, as the transfers are transparent, the process works only on white or very pale coloured fabric.

Laser Transfer offers a very cost-effective way to produce t-shirts for a variety of events. This is not the longest lasting method but it is ideally suited for birthday parties, holidays, hen and stag dos.

Laser Transfer


Digital Print-and-Cut is the process of printing your designs onto a special, transferrable vinyl material which is then machine cut to any custom shape. The digital transfers can then be pressed on any type of textile using a low heat and light pressure process.

We can use this type of printing for both light and dark coloured T-Shirts or any other garments. It is recommended for full colour, more intricate designs as the base vinyl material is white and so the colours are printed using a CMYK process on top of the white substrate.

This branding method’s key advantage is that there are no setup costs, allowing for one-offs or print runs at a very reasonable price. It is also very versatile and can be used on virtually all types of products including T-Shirts, polo shirts, work shirts, bags, caps, softshells, workwear and lots more. If you have any doubts then simply ask our staff and we’ll give you advice.

Digital Print and cut
Digital Print and cut
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